Sports Funding for 2017 / 2018

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Our overall aims are to:-

  • Provide high quality and varied P.E and sport for all children,

  • increase participation from all pupils through opportunities offered during and beyond the school day,

  • enable pupils to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles,

  • to introduce sporting opportunities that will be sustainable beyond the period of the funding.

Our objectives are to:-

  • Improve the provision and quality of P.E and sport at All Saints Primary School,

  • ensure P.E and port is judged to be at least good by external monitoring,

  • broaden the sporting opportunities and experiences available to pupils,

  • to provide professional development for staff to enable them to develop their P.E and sports skills

  • to develop a love of sport and physical activity



The sports grant allocation for 2017/2018 is £13,242 and is being spent in various ways to enhance the high quality of P.E at All Saints Primary School, Great Oakley as follows:

Transport to competitions


Teaching Assistant support and training for sporting activities



The provision of a new climbing frame



Mini Olympics for the wider school community

We continue to demonstrate our pursuit of excellence in P.E, through the variety of activities offered and the levels at which we engage in competitions. We also use the sports grant to encourage the promotion of positive sporting attitudes.