About us


All Saints C of E (VA) Primary School, Great Oakley was founded in 1837 as Great Oakley Primary School by the National Society for Promoting Religious Education According to the Principles and Practices of the Church of England.

The original Victorian building was demolished in 1965 when the school moved into new premises. These premises were extended in 1973, 1992, 1998 and again in 2004. The accommodation now comprises five classrooms, a gymnasium, a dining hall, a library/entrance hall, school offices, a staffroom and a kitchen. Surrounding the school is a well-equipped playground, a games field and a conservation area.


The school’s Governing Body is responsible for the appointment of staff, the curriculum, school worship, the maintenance of the buildings, school meals and all financial matters.


The governors have adopted the charging policy of the County Council of Essex. All activities which are concerned with curriculum matters within the school day cannot be charged for. The only exception is for tuition on a musical instrument, the cost of which is subsidised. As the governors are not able to fund school educational visits from the school funds, we ask for donations to cover the cost of such visits. The governors reserve the right to charge parents for the cost of deliberate damage done by their children to the school buildings or equipment. 

A copy of the County Council policy is available at the school.


Neither the County Council of Essex nor the governors have personal accident insurance for pupils or their belongings. Parents should make their own arrangements if they feel it is necessary.


All children are arranged in classes according to their age. The class teacher is responsible for the work of the class although children may at times be working with other teachers or in other parts of the school. Children may also work in a small group or individually with a teaching assistant.


Children go to a variety of secondary schools, although the majority go to the school’s partner secondary school Tendring Technology College.


The school is a community in which behaviour is based on mutual respect and consideration for others. The class teacher who knows each child well is responsible for the care of the children in his or her class. Particular problems are referred to the Head Teacher or the Assistant Head Teacher.

The Christian values, standards and attitudes of the school community are reflected in the Mission Statement. This is reinforced by example and discussion. Children are encouraged to devise rules governing behaviour within their classes. If a child displays persistent anti-social behaviour, consultation is arranged between the teacher and the parents so that the behaviour can be addressed. In exceptional cases a child may be excluded from the school for a fixed term, or in very exceptional circumstances permanently, by the Head Teacher. Parents have the right to make representation to the Governing Body and the Local Authority at the meeting(s) called to consider the matter.